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I expected it to be Barris after the fight in the warehouse, but didn't really expect this ending. How are they going to weave stories with her when she's not technically part of the Republic Army/Jedi Order any more? Unless of course, the Separatists play an even smaller role in the coming Season 6. This actually sounds likely considering the episode names you've provided (cheers for that), as they sound very Sith-y talking about Dark Lord, Korriban and the Death Star.

Back onto the episode, I too cringed a bit at the red sabers thing, but maybe she was referring more to the style of the hilts, or the fact that red is a far a colour as you can get from the current Jedi Order (which she despises). In any case, it doesn't matter. She was done for ever since the guards spotted them fighting, with the death warrant stamped when the younglings and everyone else saw the fight. An interesting twist to the character, but one which others could see from the start of the arc. My only other question is what're they going to do with Ventress? Fighting with pipes is comical, but a grand villain it does not make.