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after going through too many materials i decided to check the reverse engineering rate of going greens to blues which is stated to be at 20% according to the tool tip in game. I have collected the number of reverse engineering attempt and success that i have had going from a green to a blue, I have not counted the times where I RE'ed and there was no chance of a plan to me gained.

<Snips RE "statistics">

This gives a 13.4 percent mean. Using a standard confidence calculation with 99.7 percent boundary if 20 percent is the true mean as defined in the tool tip the average for the sample above should be between 14.3 to 25.7 percent. With the mean sample is out of the 99.7 boundary that mean that it is almost impossible that the 20 percent is the true rate of getting a new plan.
As others pointed out, all you did is prove that random is random.

I've literally looted an item that stated a 10 percent chance to RE, went ahead and did it on a lark, and got the next quality tier schematic.

And yes, I've hit it where it takes at least 10 items to get a schematic from RE.