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If hes at your goal line/end zone specifically, you gotta kill him - or anyone else for that matter. In fact, you should be posting in ops chat when possible "other team camping our end zone" and hope someone comes back there to help you clean up. huttball gets out of hand QUICK when the opposition is allowed to 'set up shop' back in your defensive zone.
With a lot of respect to my fellow Sniper and Pot5'er, I could not disagree more. Defending your own endzone is how you lose Huttball every time. I see this in pug groups all the time. The enemy team gets the ball, so your team follows trying to stop them. What does that do? First, it gives leaping classes more targets to leap to in your own end zone. Second, immediately after they score guess where the ball is? Mid. And guess where you and your team are? Not at mid. Defending your endzone is how you allow the enemy team to set up a relay of score --> get respawn at mid --> score until they hit six points.

Worst still: lots of times puggers will put the whole team trying to stop the score in the end zone and if they get lucky and stop the score, they immediately reset the ball to prevent another score. Well, guess who controls mid if most of your team was defending immediately before that reset? Hint: not your team.

If you see a solo guy or even two guys in your end zone, IGNORE THEM AND RUN PAST THEM TO MID. If you control mid, your team gets the respawns and those enemies are twiddling their thumbs and lightsabers in your end zone while you and your team control mid and push forward to their end zone. Let them waste time in your end zone. Run past them to mid, control it and push forward.
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