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Now that I've covered the basics -- CAMP MID -- a few other pointers:

--Keep the high ground at mid and stay in cover so melees can't jump to you (duh, I know). Drop into cover as close to the edge as possible so that if you get stunned, and a melee tries to leap to you, they fall down of the platform.
--Cover Pulse is the tool you use to 1. knock peeps into the fire and acid pits and 2. knock peeps into the pit.
--Rooting, flashbanging, snares, knockdown 'nading and cover pulsing guys into the pit are often better than killing enemies. Killing them just puts them right in front of your ball carrier at the goal line. DELAYING them is FTW.
--Use Entrench on the rare occasion that you are going to go for the ball and are waiting for it to respawn.
--Use your three second melee/ranged defense to get across the fire pit in the extremely rare occasion that you are running the ball.
--Use your roots, stuns, mezzes and other controlling abilities to stop the enemy team from getting the ball while your team tries to get the ball.
--Root ignores resolve. Use it on ball carriers over the fire pit and in the acid.
--Stop enemy advances. If you see the enemy team advancing en masse toward the ramp at mid, hunker down, pop Entrench, pop Ballistic Shield, call in an Orbital Strike and blow every ability you have, saving cover pulse to knock the ball carrier back into mid. You'll be dead at the end, your abilities will be on cooldown, but you'll have slowed, weakened or stopped the advance or at least weakened them and bought time.
--Use the Force to cultivate a good target priority list. Top targets are (1) ball carrier, (2) ball carrier healers, (3) runners running ahead for passes; (4) enemy Snipers/Gunslingers smart enough to camp mid; and (5) anyone else at mid. The ball carrier is usually the top target, but sometimes the healer is a better choice and sometimes the runner is a better choice. Don't get target fixation. If you're going to lose the DPS vs heals or guard race, switch targets.
--Don't be a hero; every other scrub in the game is doing that. Stay at mid and control it like a node. Yes, you don't get the glory of scoring but that's what your role is and, having played heals and tanks in Huttball, I can tell you that no matter how good you are, if you don't have dedicated DPS at mid you WILL lose. So it is an ESSENTIAL role.
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