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With the stun bubble and smash monkeys running riot in pvp - why has Bioware left it so long to address probably the dumbest thing they introduced to the game since launch?

With 2.0 around the corner, I pray bioware look at the feedback and not just those stupid metrics because they never always paint the full picture. If they did, we wouldn't have stun bubbles and LOLsmash all over the place.

Its a concern for me because it has been months since and nothing has been done but instead are waiting for 2.0 to address the problem, when a simple patch months ago would have at least helped. 8x8 second stuns is NOT fun.

And will force shroud actually be fixed in 2.0?
Smash damage is the same since release... Players found the way how to deal with the Rage tree, stack power/surge. It's wrong? I have to say not so much.

Want a stronger and more dangerous class? Powertechs. Because they can stun you TWICE, for 7 seconds and you can do nothing if you do not have your cc breaker. They have more burst than Smash, it's single target I know, but you'll die faster against a powertech. Smashers can stun you? NO. Only juggs/knight with force push 1.5sec which breaks on damage... Force choke/stasis can't be considered a stun because it's channeled and can be interrupted.

Warriors found a way to counter so much stuns, we die all the time stunned and we have a few seconds to do damage, smash.