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03.01.2013 , 01:56 PM | #4
I can understand the mentality of "we're going to fix it with 2.0 anyway, so why rock the boat now?". The problem is that some of the broken mechanics (ex. Merc ineffectiveness) have been ongoing for a full year now. It wouldn't have been hard to throw a bone to the customer base by for example adding a root cleanse to Jet Boost, and then posting that a full readdress of class balance would occur shortly in 2.0. When the devs do nothing immediate to address known class imbalances, they open themselves up to a devastating criticism if the future fix (2.0) also doesn't fix the problem. Which in fact w.r.t. Mercs is the situation.

But regarding the OP's complaint about bubble stun, you really don't have a lot to nag about. Bubble stun is being removed in 2.0 AND rage/focus is being buffed. LOL.