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First let me just say right now, that while I have a cybertech I have NONE of the high level schematics and I have little interest in acquiring them because of the amount of time it would involve - I have a life outside of SWTOR and do not do many operations and do not make millions of credits every week to spend on the chance to RE and get a schematic. Basically this is coming from someone who does not make money off these schematics.

now that you understand where I am coming from...

The problem is that you are looking at the situation locally instead of globally - if YOU have an increased chance of success then so does EVERYONE else. Allowing this would quickly result in devaluation of the product in question. The most common reason players want a particular schematic is so that they can reap the benefits of high value. Even if you do not care about the GTM value, many other players do and you have to take their situation/feelings into account. If you make it easier to acquire then more players will have it resulting in an increase in supply. Without an equal increase in demand, value goes down and eventually the incentive to acquire a given schematic is no longer present.

Furthermore, the OP is obviously a completionist (someone who wants every schematic just because...). To you I say, having every schematic except one would satisfy 99.999% of the population. You need to take a step back and re-evaluate your purpose here.