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In order to have any chance to prove/disprove it would take an exhaustive effort, to either get the entire server to co-operate and provide their results for an entire day worth or RE results, or take a server where you have unlimited access to things to RE and are the only person on the server. Good luck finding that amount of co-operation in this community, b/c you are not going to get the second option.
Not just this community.

Fact is that everything we as players do to try to prove or disprove a feature is working as intended is irrelevant; anything anyone professes is anecdotal at best. I've said before and I'll say it again, we as human beings cannot help but see clusters as purposeful and even distribution as random when in fact the opposite is overwhelmingly more often true (clusters are random and even distribution is purposeful). SuperGrunt is on the right track that the only way to get reliable data from players' observations would be to get a massive number of players doing a massive number of REs. And he is right, good luck getting that to happen.