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The current crafting system is equivalent to wearing level 50 tank gear that does not increase any stats, improve one's chances to mitigate damage, dodge, absorb. A crafting system without a learning curve, without the ability to improve one's skill, chances, percentages is a failed system. Its really that simple.
The crating system is fine, it does indeed have a learning curve to it. The more items you RE the more recipes you have and less you have to learn, which equates to a CURVE if you graph it. But seriously, why are you even complaining? most of the time when I RE a loot drooped MOD, Armoring, or Enhancement lately (even lowbie ones which used to have 0% chance to gain a schem) I have gotten a schematic. Maybe you are REing the wrong items? Instead of trying to bilk all the people trying to level characters out of credits, why don't you try REing those sexy end game mods that loot drop in OPS?
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