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03.01.2013 , 10:01 AM | #84
I find it strange that no one has pointed out that in a straight up lightsabre duel Mace Windu (a combat machine like Malgus) beat Darth Sideous. Now it can be argued that Mace only won because he used Vaapad a form that Sideous was unfamiliar with but, a counter argument is that Malgus has years of experience fighting Jedi (and to a lesser degree Sith) that would give him an equal advantage to Maceís vaapad form. Now donít get me wrong, Iím not saying that Malgus would win Iím just saying that he could win just like Mace did.

Now as for the question of who is more powerful? I donít see any argument that can be made. Malgus is a combat monster but that is all he is. Sideousís power and knowledge of the force and his political/ military power are far greater than Malgusís. Sideous is clearly more powerful.

On a side note; for just a good butt kicking fight Darth Malgus vs. Mace Windu. I can see the fight going either way but, regardless of who wins it would be a great duel.