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Oh cool, now which one to pick, as juggernaut i'll be using lightsabers so artifice might be more suited, although only one type of armour mods, hmm.
if you're leveling up a character, I think cyber is the way to go. you make your own armorings and mods, then spend the planetary comms on hilts/barrels and enhancements. If you're spending planetary comms to get these upgrades, armorings cost 7 comms, and you'll have the most need for armorings because every moddable item except for weapons takes an armoring. Hilt and barrel also cost 7 comms, but you have at most 2 items that need a hilt, if you are dual wielding. Mods and enhancements cost 2 comms each. So making your own armorings gives you the most bang for your buck, i.e. the most planetary comms to spend