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Blizz. Never seen a bounty hunter take him out ONCE.
Odd, because Blizz is actually pretty cool for a healer Merc. In a pinch, you can give him your old gear/armorings/barrels/etc. And while he doesn't do Torian's sick DPS, he can hold his own quite well. And, to be honest, even Bodyguard Mercs do quite nice DPS themselves, for leveling purposes anyway.
And as icing on the cake - Blizz is just an awesome companion to have around. He's easily the most likable companion Bounty Hunters get, and that alone made me want to use him.

Do I still use Blizz as a companion? No, I prefer to go with Torian, since he just shreds through mobs. But Blizz is still a close second!

Anyway, regarding the Marauder/Broonmark comment on page 1:
On my Marauder I have only ever used Jaesa and Vette. I could maybe use Quinn, but frankly I don't need him. The DPS a Marauder & Vette/Jaesa combo puts out really is enough to slaughter everything the story throws at you and then some.