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Guardian. It fits your specifications and is very fun, both story and game play wise.
This. Although since you already basically ruled out all 3 tank son Imp side, and Trooper on Rep side, there aren't too many options left to be honest.

With Consular... it depends. Some people actually like the story. But because it is less action driven and takes a more spiritual approach, it definitely is not everyone's cup of tea though. For me, it is a bit too cliché and tries a slight bit too hard. I found the Knight story to be more enjoyable.

Generally I would recommend Knight over Consular based on the story, but as I have said, it really depends on your preferences. If you don't mind a slower, more spiritual approach to the story, then you might like the Consular story. Also, I think Assassin/Shadow tanks are a bit more fun to play than Juggernaut/Guardian. But again, this is personal preference.