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So imagine this situation:

HM FP, nobody needs the whole item, but I could use the enhancement.

Situation now: I can ask, if it's ok to need on it, when the enhancement benefits me.
Situation after your solution: I have to ask the person who got the part, to trade it to me which and have to explain why I need it.

I do think ninja looting has to go, but I don't think yours is a suitable solution
Very simple, you greed and let the others know you want the item. If the team agrees, you will end up with it either by winning greed or by trading the item. This does not warrant needroll if the item is not for your class only for a mod.

Communication is the key here, it saves you from the others ignorelists and a kick from the team for ninjalooting. If you play with decent players you will end up with the item anyway if nobody needs it.