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12.21.2011 , 02:38 AM | #1
Despite the bugs, we pressed on and killed everything in EV minus the last boss, whose bug made him pretty much unkillable.

Some screenshots:

1st boss - (~10:28 PM EST)

2nd boss - (~11:56 PM EST, boss despawned as we took the screenshot)

3rd "boss" - not worth posting

4th boss - (~2:20 AM EST, screenshot taken after of the chest)

Dont really know what that puts us at, not that it matters that much - it was all pretty easy, and at this point it's more about who gets to 50 first than anything else (we were going to raid yesterday but didnt have the manpower).

Other than that, the general consensus was that we were really disappointed with the trash. It was easy, which would be acceptable if it wasnt so arduous - we sat there mashing our heads against the keyboards against packs of mobs that were no real threat (even for non-tanks), but still took forever to die - particularly the firedogs.

Also, half of our loot was bugged, specifically the loot that came from the chests, which sucked - for me in particular =/.