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Props for posting a video up, but...
Is making a video where you gank mostly PvE geared players with averagely high burst numbers really worth the time? I mean some of those people didn't even fight back, just continued to fight NPCs.
Would be interested to see a full warzone video; one which isn't edited to just show when the opposition gets destroyed.Lastly as a DPS Scoundrel talking to a DPS Operative: Try to refrain from combat stealthing and re-opening in a 1v1 situation. DPS Ops/Scoundrels are near the top of the food chain in 1v1s and can efficiently kill an equally geared opponent without the double opener.
the higher quality upload is 300 mb which is taking ages. compared to the previous low quality one at 69 mb which took ten minutes, you so could imagine the time it would take to submit a complete warzone. I can understand your point.

I tend to use combat cloak so people think ive left the engagement, plus i macro acid blades so its nice to get a hidden strike going again if backstab (the other ability that procs the acid blades dot) is on cool down. makes sense to me.

ive got plenty of videos where im getting destroyed. its no fun uploading those.

and lastly about the pve gear players. i dont get to pick what gear they are in. i did also go for harder foes. sinzy & day from core. gunshins no slug. i have stuff against ewok legit players. where i beat em, and even where its a uphill battle against bobcowz vaxian jeck and the like. i'll always stay on them until im dead.

red is dead in pvp zone. regardless of who you are im going to have a go at the least :P