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I've caught flack before for not liking cannons and instead opting to use a rifle. I've decided to put this to a rigorous test by doing a 3 minute parsed run with identical rotations but different weapons.

No, it's not identical, in one parse you have 7 hammer shots, in another 0. When 1 parse has your lowest hitting skill being used 9% of the time and the other doesn't have it at all and your final number of attacks is roughly equal, it completely invalidates your data. There are other discrepancies with number of times each skill is used as well. On top of it, you parsed a 3 minute fight, most bosses in Progression Ops are 6 minutes give or take, you should do 6 minute parses. You should also do a burst, 1-1.5 minute parse, because alot of bosses fights in EC HM and TFB HM require burst since they have phases that make you go off the boss, and shorter windows to DPS in. Firebrand and Stormcaller, Kephess, Writhing Horror, Operator IX are examples of this. When you do these parses, try to keep the number of attacks with each ability approximately the same, within 1-2% differential. Otherwise, statistically your data means nothing.