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Hey everyone,

I want to express that I completely understand your frustration in this. I know I mentioned it before but I want to reassure you guys that although the French and German Community Managers are no longer a part of the team, you folks are far from forgotten. We are going to be continually receiving feedback reports from both French and German players via the forums and acting upon that internally just as we do with all other feedback.

Also, please don’t think that this means that you will never see another yellow post from us again, we are going to be working to post updates in those forums whenever we can. Yes, this will be less frequent than may occur in English, but it will absolutely still happen.

I understand what you guys are going for in posting in German or French across the English forums and as you may have noticed, in some cases we are moving those back into the German or French General Discussion. I am going to leave this thread here since it is where we addressed that specifically. The issue is that posting in German or French in the English forums only really disrupts any constructive discussion we have here as the majority of the English forums wouldn't speak French or German. So in the future we will begin to more actively move German and French posts to their respective forums.

The last thing we want you folks to feel like is that you are being ignored and I will make it a personal goal to ensure that you don’t feel that way.

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