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Here are the choices for Khem

I got 528 affection out of one run, but I've bought a couple of Legacy upgrades that give you more conversation points.

Black Talon Khem Val Affection Guide (Darkside Sith Inquisitor)

Lt Sylas:
This is my welcome?
You're very lucky...
Third Option does not matter

Why should I?
Whatís this about? (no points but other options give negatives)
#3 does not matter
NOT I'll do that

Imperial Lieutenant:
youíre finished.

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge):
Listen up scum.
So what?
Youíre relieved. (DS)
All of you Ėlearn from this.
The pods had soldiers, idiot.
Yes, battle!

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge) pt2:
Donít try fawning over me.
#2 doesnít matter
Mine or yours?
Foolish Knight.
No I wonít.
Prepared to be amazed!

NR-02 & Brukarra:
Reinforcements are pointless.
Quiet, machine!

Door & Padawan Yadira Ban:
Die now.

The General:
I could kill you.
I donít care.
It will be glorious.
Iíll kill you.

NR-02 (Holo-communication):
doesnít matter.

NR-02/Grand Moth (Bridge) (Final):
Explain now.
NOT thatís horrible.
#3 doesnít matter.
Thereís not much to say
Make sure I get credit.