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02.28.2013 , 11:31 PM | #1434
idk, ive been having a jolly old time on PTS with my commando.

i did some transfer magic and ive got a full set of reflex 22 augmented Partisan PvP gear, minus only the +exp crystal and offhand/mainhand armoring/barrel.

electronet 90s cooldown is okay, definitely cant really tell how useful it is in PUGs tho.

i FRAKING LOVE hold the line. so much was able to 1v1 one of the best powertechs (i think anyways) from pot5 just a bit ago as gunnery, that was cool. ive been breaking 9k with demo round, 5k+ ticks on full auto, and the occasional 5k grav round (think that could be cuz everyone is running around in PvE gear tho). kolto bomb is sweet.

but i can tell you pretty much for sure that i am working way harder to kill folks than they have to work to kill me.

oh, and gunnery commando is a clutch ball carrier now. hold the line + reactive shield + tech override for Med Probes on the move, and you can run halfway across the map without being stopped

more fun facts: i just hit a marauder for 10k
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