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Now that we're can finally test it's obvious that Hold the Line is the buff they gave us.
With it's long cooldown electro - net isn't nearly as useful as I thought it'd be. It's more of a gimmick that you can play with a few times a match. It's so rare people don't even know it's there and it doesn't do nearly enough damage to make it a game changer for the class.
Finding pretty much the same thing in pugged warzones myself, though electro net is really aimed at organised groups. Without a called target it's way less useful.

The problem with Hold the Line is all the Pyro PTs/Assault Vanguards running around with it. Yegads.

2.0 is starting to look like a bit of a bust as far as rebalancing for pvp goes. I have more tools, but so does everyone else, and my time-till-death is way down. Conversely, it seems much much harder to kill healers now.
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