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Wow really? You need to find better things to do with your time than inflate your post count... Does it really matter who does what and what they're called? The whole point that you missed is that issues go unresolved for months and the people in charge don't bother to respond with anything other than a token auto-reply. And these are not bug reports I'm referring to, bugs in the game's programming are usually something that the end-user can't fix on their own. The whole point is that if someone actually bothered to read the ticket, instead of just "forwarding" it, they might be able to tell me how to fix the issue.

Most other companies have an intermediary level tech department to address simple issues like the above mentioned ones. Only if that person cannot fix the problem is the ticket escalated and sent to the developers. And both issues I had only took a few minutes to fix once I stumbled upon the correct solution... If they had someone whose job it is to troubleshoot these random problems this could have been resolved months ago.
Well, yes it does really. Also I could care less about my ~~~poast count~~~

You come on a CUSTOMER SERVICE forum crying about issues that are for developers to resolve. With all due respect to the CSR's I doubt many are coders. Hence my point. Asking a CSR to magically *fix* issues in game would be akin to explaining car insurance to a horse.

I would also guess that perhaps issues are prioritised and perhaps their idea of what important is different than yours.

I have no idea on the internal structure of BioWare/EA but I guess they are not like *most other companies*. I just feel you are barking up the wrong tree.