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I would rather like to know who wrote the Sith Inquisitor storyline.

Then I'd ask that person why they completely dropped Kallig from the story after the start of chapter 2 without any explaination or climax.
Rebecca Harwick. I believe she left Bioware some time before the game was even released, though.

If anyone wants to know, here's the rest. (other than the three already mentioned previously in the thread)

Randy Begel - Bounty Hunter story writer. Now a creative Designer at Riot games. Left Bioware May 2012.

Joanna Berry - Consular story. Still with Bioware, though it seems she has moved to Montreal, so probably working on DA/ME.

Daniel Erickson - he was the head lead dude, I guess, he worked on everything. He is a design lead at Bluepoint games now.
Drew Karpyshyn - I know he worked on the Jedi Knight story (along with Hall Hood), but he was responsible for a lot of stuff other than SWTOR. He just left Bioware

These next writers are not exclusively class writers, here is what is in their credits.

Ian Ryan

• Regularly promoted within Star Wars: The Old Republic writing team to take on increasing responsibilities and wider scope of content development.
• Designed nine large-scale planet quest chains, five multiplayer flashpoint missions, additional Sith Warrior player content, and over 100 individual quests.
• Collaborated with designers in strike teams to integrate stories, guide narrative focus, and provide writing support for flashpoints, player class stories, and multiple planets of quest content.
• Wrote thousands of lines of dialogue, casting and acting notes for voiceover performers, codex lore entries, ambient conversations, and quest log descriptions.
• Created and maintained extensive design documentation used throughout studio as blueprints for gameplay, planet construction, and narrative design.
• Writing highlights: Darth Malgus flashpoints, the climactic finale to game’s main storyline; Fan-favorite character Thana Vesh on Taris; Dread Masters encounter on Belsavis.
• Additional accomplishments: Planned gear progression for all player classes, scripting and cinematics for Broonmark companion character, devised appearance generation process.

Left Bioware July 2012. Currently writing for Disruptor Beam Inc.

Jessica Sliwinski

• Served on a team of up to fourteen writers for the award-winning Star Wars: The Old Republic, a story-driven massively-multiplayer online game
• Responsible for the creation of interactive, story-based game content from basic outline to written dialogue within the context of an existing intellectual property
• Primary author of multiplayer world quest content for Republic faction players on Balmorra, Voss, and Corellia; primary author of Sith Warrior companion character Lieutenant Pierce; primary author of Republic faction version of operation "Terror from Beyond"
• Additional writing for NPC barks, ambient dialogue, mission logs, codex entries, creature names, map names, and other miscellaneous in-game text
• Created and maintained documentation on all self-generated content; utilized by multiple departments
• Conducted story QA and collaborated closely with other teams to ensure consistency between narrative, gameplay, and art; responsible for all self-generated content as well as Korriban, Alderaan, Balmorra, and Ilum
• Represented company and promoted upcoming products through appearances at 2011 PAX East in Boston, MA; and 2010 GDC in Austin, TX

Left Bioware July 2012. Currently writer for Disrupter Beam Inc.

Tyler Hitchings

• Pitched, planned, and designed world quests and storylines, including the Belsavis Republic world arc, Trooper companion character Aric Jorgan, and additional content for the Sith Inquisitor player class
• Wrote dialog, codex entries, casting and performance notes, ambient conversations, vendor barks, and quest logs
• Created and maintained design documentation used by other departments to construct worlds and develop content
• Worked within the HeroEngine to script gameplay, develop cinematic sequences, and customize non-player characters
• Collaborated with other departments to ensure narrative consistency across all fields

Left Bioware May 2012. No current listing.

So there you go....for those who want to be in the know.

Edit: They actually have hired new writers since launch. One is Sean McKeever, who also writes Marvel comics.

Also, it should be noted that Alex Freed recently was asked to write some in-game stuff for SWTOR again, so while he is no longer a full time employee, his presence is still there.
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