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If you have a few crafting toons (cybertech, synthweaving, artifice etc) you can keep your new alts geared up pretty easily.

Before I decided to level up a jugg I jumped on my cybertech crafter and spent 2-3 days smashing out mods and armorings. Then I took up artifice on the jugg to get my enchancements/hilts.

I found part of the fun of leveling was knowing that I had a full set of armorings/mods/enhancement/hilt waiting in my cargo hold ready to go in. It provided extra motivation to get to the next level because "I wanted those mods in my gear".

The other bonus is it makes a huge difference in questing. I am tearing through orange/yellow quests as if they were greens and also doing some 2man heroics solo. Then when i join a warzone i often have more hp then the 40+ toons lol.
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