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I was just curious as it seems I see a lot more people with augmented gear in sub-50 while I have kind of felt like I just wanted to level quickly and wouldn't bother. But, from reading chat in WZs I can easily see some people take sub-50 more seriously than I do.

I just want to know to what extent people go to gear their sub-50s. You go all blue? All Purple? Orange with blue/purple mods? Augments? You get yourself some stims? I even finally saw someone with nades and realized I might have sold them that nade. lol

How far do you go?
I take advantage of what I have readily available. If I can craft gear and augments and augmentation kits for alts, I do so, because every little bit helps, but I do not go out of my way to make sure that every little thing is fully optimized. For example, on my last alt (a bounty hunter) I used a number of level 17 purple quality augments because I had the schematic and the materials available. Those augments were still in use when that character dinged level 50. Once that character hit 50 I had level 49 (rank 22) purple augments and augmentation kits waiting to drop into the level 50 gear I had waiting for me.