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02.28.2013 , 04:11 PM | #3
i dont gear to the total hilt every two levels
but i gear pretty much solidly to the hilt every 8 levels or so
i go as much purple (with main stat emphasis-- "skill mod versus patron mod" for example) mods and gear as i can get
i will get earpieces and implants that have augment slots, if they are available and carefully evaluate pros/cons (wont spend 50k to get a teeny increase), and get the best augment (sometimes purple sometimes blue) with the main stat stack
i used to roll the +41 endurance crystals in my weapon and ofhand but i use the +41 power in each-- this is probably the biggest impact on gear i think--
i will sometimes run diplomacy just to spam ls/ds points in order to pick up a nice relic at 19 or so up to 29
and i will augment that as well
i also run with at least a blue biochem stim (if it's not crewskilled)

it is not so much to "pwn" but to give myself the best chance to win a lowbie -- the derpiness of lowbie wz's is definitely an overpowered and almost insurmountable foe-- gear has little bearing on an outright derpfest but it does help
i have more success geared than not and as i spend most time leveling in wz's and rarely questing (only class quests as well if only to get another crew member to run more crew missions)

i craft what i can craft and buy the rest off the gtn
i have the credits to do it and i understand the cost