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02.28.2013 , 03:05 PM | #14
I think the difficulty varies for everyone. I definitely used to think Cha Rabba was the hardest, but for 2 months it was one of the few you actually got to DO every week, so I got really good at it. Now I pretty much have it down and find it to be cake. The ones I find toughest are the ones that require you to be very good/successful within a very short window, and if you fail there you fail the mission. Kanz Minefield definitely comes to mind. I also find that on Kabal Station Defense I'm almost always desperately trying to get the last of the 30 bombers required to complete the mission. Of course now I focus on most of the bonuses as well, which can make it more stressful to complete the main objectives!

Overall I have to say that I love these missions. Hoping for more someday!