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Players have been complaining about this for a long time now. They haven't acknowledge these complaints, ever. Players are tired of complaining, myself included. It's a waste of time sending in tickets and complaints.

Forget it. It's a lost cause.

on the contrary..bioware HAS acknowledged the complaints. Several times actually. And they've suggested to players what they can do until there is an actual fix..

to the OP, what people are suggesting here is correct. During and of the "hyperspace" animation parts of Black Talon (and i've found sometimes on the opening scene of Foundry) you simply alt-tab out of the game for about 15-seconds or so to make sure the animation is over, then pull the game back up and you're good to go.

is this what we WANT to do as a quick fix in place of a REAL fix?


but it works for now.
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