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I think you missed my point. the OP is talking about how (with regard to synthweaving) archeology only has nodes to gather from when other gathering skills can gather off mobs and nodes, and that there are fewer nodes available for archeology, so it's a double whammy (no mobs to gather from and fewer nodes). My point is that his perception is probably being influenced by the fact that for synthweaving only two-thirds of the archeology nodes are useful. If the OP is completely ignoring color crystal nodes then it would appear as though there are less nodes to be gathered.
i'll grant you that some of the nodes that are available as arch aren't imediatley useful to synthweavers. although iv'e more often than not found that when i gather a colour crystal node i'll also get an artifact fragment as well even though when you hover over it it comes up as a red lucent crystal or whatever.

Back to the point though i find its' hit and miss with the nodes. some of my fave farming places are:

low lvl jedi temple on coruscant
mid low sunken medical district on taris

mid lvl alderaan the juran mountain pass is pretty good and so is the area by the river where the world boss is.

mid high lvl (also high lvl) is belsavis looking for grade 4 or grade 5 crystals, and then one your doing dailies as was said before in the rakkattan tombs.

high lvl ilum is actually pretty good for crystals, as is section x.

it would be nice if we had some npc's that we could scavenge but it's not critical i don't think.

For example if like explorer or scientist type npcs you good loot crystals or fragments from for arch,

and smugglers would drop slicing boxes.

diplomats, or like officer type npc's would drop diplomacy missions etc