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02.28.2013 , 01:24 PM | #2
I think I have been looking for you and your wife my entire MMO career. What you've listed is pretty much EXACTLY the experience I'm looking for, too. The ability to run Heroics/flashpoints where it's okay to fail, but see new things, get new gear, etc.

I formed a small friends/family guild when the game launched with this same intent. No family ever showed and I'm down to one friend that I haven't seen in-game in weeks, so I basically have a 13-person Alt Guild.

I have tanks and healers and DPSers. I'm usually on all Friday night, at naptime (small kids) on Sat and Sun, sometimes Sat/Sun night. I'd like to invite you to the guild as it stands, or maybe send a toon or two over to you guys...

PM me your toon names and I'll look you up in-game?