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Need 2 more people to help form a new Group with the following qualities:

• Republic Side (kinda, see last paragraph)
• Ultra-Casual
• Mature
• Maximum membership (to start) of 4 accounts (alts welcome)
• PvE oriented

My wife and I have been playing together and enjoying the leveling experience, we were able to 2 man quite a few Heroic missions and even some Flashpoints, but many require 4 actual players as opposed to using companions all the time. We are reticent to join a larger guild, as we have done so in the past on another MMO and it never seems to work out well. We basically would like to join with 2 other people who would like to run a few Flashpoints together a couple of times a week, possibly help each other out in Heroic missions. Beyond that, it would be just a place to go about your business as you see fit. I don’t foresee Guild raids in the immediate future, but perhaps joining a Story Mode Op every once in a while could be discussed.
As for playstyle, we are very casual as mentioned, so we have no problem wiping a few times as we figure out encounters together. In addition as we are busy in other parts of our lives, it would be nice to have a scheduled Flashpoint run a couple times a week. That way we could know that on a certain night at 9pm or so we would be ready to go as a team.
As of right now I have a lvl 50 Gunslinger, and my wife has a lvl 50 Sage healer. We are also in the process of leveling a Trooper Tank/ and Consular healer combo, but will take a little time before we hit 50. We are both in our 40s (age) and just want to have fun and play SWTOR without the drama often associated with many Guilds. Ideally, another gaming couple who happen to have a republic Tank and DPS would be a great fit, but we could make arrangements for different combos with possible respecs if needed. We do already have a 5 person Mumble account, although I see no reason to be on it unless doing a flashpoint, etc.
On the off chance the perfect gaming couple who read this but happen to have Empire Characters, my wife and I also have a pair of Sith Warriors one a tank, and the other dps , both are lvl 50. If you think you are the right fit for us, please respond to this post, and we will see where it takes us. Thank you for your time.