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yes but you can sell the colour crystals on gtn to an artificer or send them to an alt, and you only need the mats from UT when your making blue quality items or higher. for the greens its' strictly the archaeology mats and some stuff from the crew skills crafter, or you can get them from sending your crew on archaeology mission
I think you missed my point. the OP is talking about how (with regard to synthweaving) archeology only has nodes to gather from when other gathering skills can gather off mobs and nodes, and that there are fewer nodes available for archeology, so it's a double whammy (no mobs to gather from and fewer nodes). My point is that his perception is probably being influenced by the fact that for synthweaving only two-thirds of the archeology nodes are useful. If the OP is completely ignoring color crystal nodes then it would appear as though there are less nodes to be gathered.