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most have already been taken or are being held as place holders until new playbable characters arrive. just 3 weeks after launch on multiple servers i tried to make characters based on the anime Ranma 1/2 and they were already taken, then I tried character names based of the sci fi show Andromeda, again already taken. i then tried names from bleach, and one piece again mostly taken.

So unless its' some really obscure manga, or anime show, or a character nobody know you're probably out of luck, unless your very creative on your spelling and use of ", -,' _, in making your names
this is very true, oh well like you said if you are creative you can probabely think of a variation of the character's name ive seen at least 2 different anakins ingame so far i forget how they differ but yeah.
in my case believe it or not one of my alts jaden'redstar is named after jaden from jedi academy and the name redstar was suppose to be my way of representing both the birthday massacre song redstar and the dc comics hero redstar. so combining names is another option by the way fun fact jaden'redstar despite being named after both a superhero and a jedi is actually a mirialian operative.
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