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Just thought I'd say, this means squat.
Hell I doubt the developers would be dumb enough to put this in.

What If Anakin just followed the same trail of clues we did and attacked her?
You are realy in denial... dave filoni already hinted its her. But By wacthing the episodes again. Its very obvious its her.
I think they did something realy nice, and great with the clone wars show but lets not overate star wars franchise as the writting is concerned and this tv show.

star wars Its always a pretty straight forward plot overal.
Empire strikes back stands out in regarding the other movies because its kinda escapes this rule a bit. At least on that regard. Im sure there are others but.

All im saying usualy what seems to be in star wars, it usualy is. there are exceptions, but i doubt this is the case.
Besides you ignoring that she holds a red lightsaber. so your theory doesnt hold.
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