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02.28.2013 , 10:41 AM | #86
I know it s not your fault nor the fault of your team - somehow you are almost as much victims of this as were Lars and Antonio - and as are WE, the german and french subscribers. For that reason i - by exception - adress to you in english this time.

But - sorry - you - and the responsibles - should be aware that this is not the way to treat paying subscribers. Your company really shows us a massive lack of respect towards european customers - and to fire Lars and Antonio is only the final step. European - specially german and french - subscribers seem to be worth nothing but their hard money - at least this is the impression Bioware transports towards us. So what reason should people in Europe have to further support the company with subscription fees if they are not at all respected?

Whatever reasons led to this step - the responsibles should be aware that this might lead to another wave of cancelled subscriptions - and that for sure won't be the way to save the game nor to make it profitable some day.

Btw: you think to simply move a german/french protesting thread from the US-english forums into the no-more-read german forums will also wipe out the problem itself and stop protest? I guess you might be wrong.
As long as your company takes our good money, "stupid" german and french subscribers due to my opinion have a right to claim a community management in their languages.

I really hope - specially for you and your remaining team- the responsibles will reconsider the mess they caused by this. In case they do not, i imagine there might be lots of work coming towards you and your team - might be the time to start learning some german and french