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I have lots of pieces of adaptive that I have left in my bank as the stats on blues and greens are better for my class. If i just re-mod it , will that bring it back up to speed??
I have the spymaster helm/chest and gloves and want them for my agent as they look amazing!
yes that's exactly how it works as long as you pick up enough commendations on your planets or have credits lying around to by armour, mods, enhancements, and potentially augments (if you added them to your gear) you could have you character with the same look all the way through the game from lvl 10 up.

just remember on the higher lvl gear, tionese, columi, rakkatta, etc the armour mod is tied to the slot, so you could pull the armour out of tionese stalkers helm and place it in a different head piece but you'll not be able to put it into a belt. so at the very highest lvls you may want to go with the unmoddable pieces for your bracers and belts