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This is mostly just another thread to complain about the uneven distribution of crew skill mission rewards, but I'm so annoyed right now that I have to write this.

So, I'm working on a biochem alt and wanted some grade 2 medical supplies from diplomacy. I had a bunch of grade 3 missions unlocked already, so I thought I'd try to get a rich grade 2 mission. A few resets didn't make any show up, so I started writing down all the missions that appeared. Here's what I got after 25 resets (sorted by number of ocurrences):

20 Artificial Curiosity (moderate supplies)
19 Gifted (rich gifts)
18 Lifeblood of the Galaxy (moderate gifts)
17 The Path Not Taken (rich gifts)
11 Tug of War (moderate gifts)
10 A Wanderer's Gifts (moderate supplies)
9 Uncovering Old Grudges (bountiful gifts)
8 Youthful Indiscretions (bountiful gifts)
8 An Unjust Sentence (abundant gifts)
5 See, Hear, Speak (abundant supplies)

There's 10 different missions, out of which 3 give medical supplies, and none of them are over abundant. According to torhead there should be four missions with rich yield for supplies. Even if only one of them is available to an imperial character, there's a one in four million chance that it wouldn't show up in 25 resets. The chances are even slimmer if you consider that I had already performed about five resets before starting to write down the missions (1 in 80 million).

Yes yes, small sample size and all that. If I was trying to prove something about the relative frequencies of the missions, that might apply. But I think the above listing and odds are enough to prove that this particular tier of diplomacy missions is very heavily biased towards gifts, and some missions don't show up that probably should.

The test was conducted on a level 16 sniper with a diplomacy skill of roughly 180, by repeatedly zoning between the ship and the hangar at the fleet.