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I disagree. I have an synthweaver/arch/UT and a armormech/slicer/scavenger and in my experience, arch has more nodes than scav. There were times, at all levels, when I would spend a good chunk of my time gathering arch nodes because several had spawned in close proximity and by the time I had gathered all of them, the first one respawned. Granted they were not always what I needed (synth has no use for color crystals), but the nodes existed. I cannot say the same thing for when I leveled my scavenger. But droids balanced it out.

And I think that is what skews the perception a little bit - that ~1/3 of the nodes out there for arch are not intended for synthweaving.
yes but you can sell the colour crystals on gtn to an artificer or send them to an alt, and you only need the mats from UT when your making blue quality items or higher. for the greens its' strictly the archaeology mats and some stuff from the crew skills crafter, or you can get them from sending your crew on archaeology mission