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Not to mention that archaeology nodes are overall more rare than scavenging nodes. There are node-rich areas for most types of scavenging materials, including endgame ones, but for archaeology such areas are rare.
I disagree. I have an synthweaver/arch/UT and a armormech/slicer/scavenger and in my experience, arch has more nodes than scav. There were times, at all levels, when I would spend a good chunk of my time gathering arch nodes because several had spawned in close proximity and by the time I had gathered all of them, the first one respawned. Granted they were not always what I needed (synth has no use for color crystals), but the nodes existed. I cannot say the same thing for when I leveled my scavenger. But droids balanced it out.

And I think that is what skews the perception a little bit - that ~1/3 of the nodes out there for arch are not intended for synthweaving.