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Without knowing your setup and how you have configured the game, do you use vsynch this is known to introduce ability delay in alot of games. this has nothing to with the actual ms ping times you have at all most likely.

If your OS is Win 7 and you play windowed you have vsynch applied even if it is turned off in-game
solution for that is to disable the desktop composition for launcher.exe and swtor.exe

if you do have vsynch enabled you also need to enable triple buffer, simple test is turn off vsynch if you do happen to use it.
There is no V-sinc on as it often makes issues and i dont see the need to turn it on.

Also i never play in window exepth EVE where i often have 3 clients on at same time

One thing i have noted that ALSO this SWTOR site often does not work when i get DC, every other page work tho, no matter where it is assumably hosted.

Anyone know if EU servers are located physically in EU or are these connections going overseas to united States?

EDIT: Just got another disconnect after 2 minutes in game, tried this site right after that and it did not load until 1long wair All other sites like FB, etc loaded less that 1 second.

Maybe they just have too much stuff going through their connection and they dont have sufficient bandwidth to handle that and EA will not give more budget to connection until there is more players which wont happen until connection works fine.
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