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02.28.2013 , 07:45 AM | #1206
Today has been funny day, i logged in hoping to play a bit again but here i am at forums

My in-game latency meter is almost all the time stable 62ms, that should mean it works well yes? Wrong even if latency shows that good a number, abilities wont trigger or they trigger with 1-4 sec delays. Sometimes it feels that abilities work but cant be sure since no animation is working at that point.

At moment it's practically unplayable since i cant progress in quests since i just die trying to command my Smugler to do something that never happens In class quest i cant progress since i cant CC anything, i CC another mobs of two more powerful and target the other and in frustration i see my bullets going to the target that is not selected.

My gaming rig is hi-end with all of todays conveniences like SSD drives, Cross-fire etcetc. I have tried to resolve this with my ISP but there is nothing wrong according to them. I was network/server specialist before i retired because of sudden visual impairment and i do know that my end and their hardware is okay.

Ossue must be somewhere between BW servers and where that information connects toi my ISP network.

Ot can also be issue in how their servers handle communications or how their end routes and processes information.

Issues like this happened to my fellow gamers with unreal when i had my old connection where incoming speed was sufficient but my server just could not send information fast enough to other end (Limitation inupload speed, i had 24/1mb DSL) Now its optical with 10mb both ways.

I bow to one thing tomorrow tho,


\O/ HOORAY!! \O/ Small victory is small victory

Oh, i live in southern Finland/Turku area and most of issues happen between 10am-->17pm GMT.
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