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02.28.2013 , 07:05 AM | #1
((Posted this on PTR earlier but thought it might be well to post here too))

So I was not excited seeing some of the changes to already more than overly powered melee classes, but I found a spec that seems to do well for now but will see what happens when it goes live. Im not sure if anyone has posted this spec yet but I stumbled on it playing around trying to find some survivability for PVP. Im calling it the Dr Who for all you phone box lightning fans out there.

The Dr Who (Edit to fix link)

Not saying I made this first, but I made it on my own so giving it a name >.>

So what does this give survival wise?
1. Overload root.
2. Chain Lightning root.
3. Near Instant WW with both talents from Mad and Lightning.((Edit)).
4. Self bubble stun.
5. Normal stun.
6. The new immunity bubble
7. Self heal.

DPS wise?
1. FL is still king for this to proc instant +35% damage Lightning Strikes with +50% crit mult stacking onto your surge with an additional chance at 30% of that damage delt with forked lightning.

2. The new 5 target Deathfield, a classic but still a winner.

3. And 2 dots that will tick for decent amounts of damage.

4. Again as with the hybrid now, almost NO force issues.

5. Just a LITTLE tweeking and it may work for PVE as well.

6. (Edit) Almost forgot instant chain lightnings for 5 people as well.

Now without some serious testing I am not sure how well it will work, but looks very promising. I can only hope with the provided tools that I can provide enough to make rateds now, other than being stuck in a healing role.

I do have a wish list to the devs though... Not sure how breaking it would be till tested but Id LOVE to see a blink for DPS sorcs. But thats more of a pipe dream atm.