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12.21.2011 , 02:15 AM | #3
Excuse me I laugh at the nade and dart dmg in comparison to the dmg ouput of the other classes in the same lvl I played so normal rifle burst attack is almost as high like a stealth melee attack, whats the point here. If you get out of stealth you have only seconds to dish out dmg and to get out of the area, otherwise you die.

Iam doing the following:

sneak to the target>main backstab attack>stun and/or 2nd melee attacks>dart>after that my target has often 80%+ hp left and I hop around doing rifle dmg or use my other CC to get out of the trouble, otherwise i die.

Is this a joke ? If you are out of stealth you get steamrolled by Shadows, marauders and sourcerers with their bubble who suck up the whole "backstab" is this in higher lvls ?

Isnt this a melee class after all......just wonder