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JE did it so well, you talk to Skye, you shut him down, boom you're done with him and on to Silk Fox. I don't know how many times I had to reject Doc, it was certainly more than once, and obviously you couldn't then move on to Kira, as you should be able to. I don't play male characters so I don't know how it works, but it seems like female characters tend to get the worst LIs in certain Bioware games lately, like in ME2 where you literally can't even have a conversation with that one guy, whose name I can't remember right now, because literally everything is flirting, and your own character flirts back even if you don't want them to. Ironicly, in ME3 if anybody actually liked that and had romanced him in ME2, they found he had left them for somebody else, and they were left all alone. Obviously I didn't have that problem, but for anybody who would actually romance that guy, they still ended up screwed anyway, literally everybody lost with having that character around. Im guessing there are no such problems that any players of male characters have. Thats just all the more reason to treat everybody equally and fairly, its sickening to constantly be hit on by doc, and I don't even remember whether there was a 'neutral' response or not, but I didn't want one, I wanted to be as negative as possible, to somehow get the guy to leave my female JK alone. Its only fair that there be an equal number of females constantly hitting on my character, I think its safe to say that if that happened, and for whatever reason a particular female character wasn't to my liking, I definitely would want to let them down as gently as possible, so I'd put a higher priority on 'neutral' or 'letting them down gently' options for the female characters who hit on you, because generally speaking they arent going to be as incredibly annoying in their flirting comments as folks like Doc, and thus would be more deserving of being let down easy. But ultimately we have to actually 'have' flirt options with those characters before we can decide whether or not we want to go for it, or let them down easily, or shoot them down harshly. Thats the point, give us the same options as everybody else, and I'm sure we'll be plenty satisfied with the ways we can turn down anybody we'd actually want to turn down.
Why are females less likely to be incredibly annoying when they hit on you? And why are they more deserving of being let down gently than annoying men?

As for other bioware games, I more or less agree as there are very few male npc's to romance that I don't find annoying or their going to die (have to say at the end of ME3 I didn't really want fem Shepherd to survive). Even in swtor all the male npc's that are romance-able fall a little flat of the female options, in my opinion, and I'm sort of expecting all the SGR options in the future to be that way too.

I can still still dream big though...
Say is that a tentacle?