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LOTRO implemented a new system that has drops for each person that contributes to a kill. I don't see why it is so improbable that everyone spending time/effort going through an op/fp should have to roll for the 1 -3 items that drop. Comms are just a slow way of getting the specific piece you want. If everyone were to receive a drop, there would be less time grinding to gear, and more time to do ... oh wait that is all there is for endgame.
Apparently we don't play the same game because in the current state, it is already pretty fast as it is to get geared. If they actually did implement what you suggested, then you would see a whole new slew of player complaints asking for even more content because they have nothing else to do. With the way it currently is, you do have to do multiple runs which takes time to gear your player out which is a good thing. There is no reason to get fully geared within 1 month of the release of a new raid.
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