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Ah Embo?! the character they created as homage to Akira Kurosawa film "seven samurai"
He already apeared during the Maul arch on Hutta fighting with Maul and savage/ visla. Not sure if it will apear again.

in this trailer when anakin is force choking a guy with padmé in front at 2:11
Now that i look at it yeah im not sure is Clovis, but i think it is.
Watch the trailer again, did you not notice Embo? He made several apperances in that trailer, directly linked with Padme - someone is trying to assassinate her, likely Nute Gunray.

And that guy definitely isn't Clovis, this is Clovis - his features are a lot more distinct.

Also I noticed several scenes involving what looks like the Coruscant Guard fighting battle droids, as well as a brief scene of Republic gunships closing in on some sort of structure... the Coruscant Guard could have something to do with Padme, she being a Senator. Not sure about that invasion sequence. We shall see.