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My thoughts are that there is some issues going on for some backbones at present, I know some just want to just blame the game servers, but without pathpings etc it is just a claim.

Have a look at the below thread, for Slugwarts yesterday I would say he found a good path to the servers by trying a different ISP.

For those that claim all other games are good if you think this is just this game at present, how do you explain threads like and the tone is just like people here.

The internet can and does have ongoing issues and can happen anytime, most are fixed in 24 hours but those that aren't means it is likely not a simple fix, your ISP and Biowares end are very small parts of the internet.

This is not to say server issues do not occur, they can, but when they do you have hundreds of people posting here at once, this can also occur when it is just a major internet issue as this affects the majority of people playing on a particular region server.

Is it frustrating, yes it certainly is, is it your ISP or biowares fault, most likely not.
Owen you are one ignorant fella, noone stated that lag issues dont occur in other games. However it requires none but half a brain to combine some obvious facts to a logical conclusion.

BWs hyperthesis: Our servers are just fine your ISP and/or routers sucks balls!

So if assumed that assumption was true my mediocre IT infrastructure should give rise to constant internet issues, at least in ONE other game.

These are the facts:
Fact 1: I dont encounter any issues of that magnitude in any other online game, neither on my pc nor on my 360.

Fact 2: I exclusively encounter those massive issues in Swtor.

====> Logical conclusion: My IT infrastructure can not be the primary culprit for the undesired effect. Hence BWs hyperthesis is falsified.

You are welcome!
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