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I have to agree, mainly on lower lever fps and everything (mainly because of new players who don't understand the need/greed/pass system quite so much) and I always find that really annoying when I roll an alt. What I am liking is the new system being implemented in 2.0 (and is in the more elder game already somewhat) where all the bosses just drop comms that you can buy any gear with so everyone gets fair loot, now of course there are some un-assembled pieces hidden here and there, but any class can use them to avoid ninja's....
so in a sense, Bioware has been doing a little bit on this subject, but I'm sure they have much more important matters to attend to atm (rise of the hutt cartel, bug fixes, etc.) now all they need is something for enforcement on lower level fps....... maybe it'll get thrown in there with rise of the hutt cartel.
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