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02.27.2013 , 11:02 PM | #1
The CS i this game is the absolute worst! You can't be bothered to have an in-game phone line so you tell me to submit a ticket. I do that and days later I get some BS auto-reply message about "forwarding it to the development team". From past experience this means you have completely ignored my issue and I will never hear anything back. That woman on the phone who told me to put in a ticket really has no idea how worthless the ticket system is, does she? As soon as I saw the "forwarded to the development..." crap I knew it was a lost cause...

The first ticket that you "forwarded" for me has gone unresolved for going on 4 months now... 4 MONTHS !!! Of course I managed to fix that problem myself a while ago by reinstalling the game, but you don't know that. The second problem was a bugged guild member note... Again instead of just fixing the problem you "forwarded" it and again its been almost two months with no answer. Again I fixed it myself by gkicking and re-inviting... Took under a minute... Why couldn't you just suggest that in the first place? And if you are just going to give some BS auto-reply notifying me that you have forwarded my issue every time I have an issue why does it take days to do that every time? That could be done instantly... Every time someone submits a ticket just have the system send the reply automatically. Why must I wait days to learn that my issue will be ignored indefinitely? The only tickets I have ever had any luck with are the "Item/Loot" ones, I must say those are usually resolved... Why is that? Perhaps I should just start putting all my tickets under that category in the future. Your development team mailbox must be like that tube in Lost that empties out into the middle of a field... A enormous pile of tickets littering the countryside...

Has anyone actually ever got an issue resolved after they got the notorious "Forwared to the development team" autoreply message?

It's just so frustrating to be told on the phone to put in a ticket, and then we get this BS auto-reply that's obviously just meant to pacify the stupid customers until we hopefully forget that we had an issue and go about or business. Why would anyone expect a ticket to do anything when every ticket in the past about anything other than missing blackhole comms has gone unresolved? It's like any issue that won't likely cause an unsub is just ignored indefinitely- and that is not a good way to do business.

Seriously- you need to fire whoever it is who designs all of the terrible hideous gear and invest in some more trained CS personnel because this is ridiculous.

The whole problem I'm having is I cannot copy any characters to the PTS becuase all the ones I have copied previously have not only been copied to the Open PTS but to the Closed PTS as well and now I have reached the 12 character limit even though I only have 5 characters I can log into and play. I just need to get the 12 characters deleted off the closed PTS so I can copy to the open PTS... Of course I wouldn't even have this issue if I had been able to copy my 50's in the first place but when I first started copying I didn't know about the companion gear bug so I could only copy lowbies. Now we have a way to fix it and I can't copy because the server I can't even log into if full! PLEASE tell me how to get this fixed!!! If my past experience is anything to go by this issue will take at least 4 months and by then there wont be a PTS to copy to.