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Anyone who is interested in Star Wars fiction should definitely read the Heir to the Empire trilogy - it pretty much set the bar for the novels and established some of the biggest original characters of the Expanded Universe. It's also set fairly soon after Ep. 6, so its an easy transition from watching the movies. (Just ignore some timeline issues with Darth Vader and the Clone Wars since the prequels hadn't been made when this came out.)

If you're looking for books for your kid, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Young Jedi Knights series of YA books, since i really enjoyed them when I was growing up. (Heck, if you don't mind reading books meant for kids an adult can breeze through these in a weekend or two - they really set up a lot of the characters that take on major roles in the New Jedi Order, Swarm War, and Legacy of the Force novels and add a lot of emotional punch to the last book in LotF.)